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New Medical Image Viewing and Management Aids Patients and Caregivers

Despite advancements in technology, there are still many hurdles when it comes to accessing and viewing your medical images including CT, MRI, X-ray and ultrasound scans.

Nephosity is one company attempting to bring these walls down, by providing a mobile and web-based platform for patients and their caregivers to manage their medical images securely and efficiently. The platform, called Jack Imaging, is free for patients and caregivers to use and creates the ability to share medical images with doctors, including for second opinions and remote consults.

Take Control of Your Medical Images

To give you an idea of why medical imaging is so complicated (and why you, as the caregiver, often pick up those easy-to-lose CDs), we have created an original chart to illustrate the various stakeholders involved in our healthcare imaging, and how your loved one’s images flow through the system. 


For example, when your loved one receives a digital X-ray or MRI, those scans are stored within the picture archiving and communication system (PACS) of that same facility. With this system, your loved one is dependent upon the imaging center as well as his/her doctor (who typically receives a text-only report, stating the findings from the scan) to share the information gleaned in the images. In short, you and your loved one rarely receive the information directly.

In addition, when there is a need to transfer these images (e.g., when you go to a new doctor) or get access to them in the future, it can be a long, complicated process. When images are difficult to access, it impacts the patient—and possibly their caregiver or other advocate—and their ability to have the best possible outcome for their treatment and care.

Modern Medical Image Sharing

To remedy these issues, Jack Imaging has made images available online to you, anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is upload your images, or ask Jack Imaging to collect your records on your loved one’s behalf. Once your imaging records are loaded, you’re ready to share them with your doctor, ask for a second opinion or even receive a remote consult. You can also easily view our images on your iPad, alongside your doctor, for greatest engagement and understanding of your loved one’s condition. Nephosity received FDA clearance for the iPad last year.

Jack Imaging is a platform for medical image viewing, sharing and collaboration that empowers patients – and you, their caregivers – to take control of their medical images, and save the time and emotional burden of dealing with lost CDs, records, the cost of replacing or retaking medical scans.

Nephosity (the company behind Jack Imaging) was founded with the objective to fix the U.S. healthcare system – beginning with medical imaging. By making images available to patients and their doctors, Nephosity saves time and money for patients, caretakers, doctors and our healthcare system at large. For more information, please visit or



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